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Richard Liebowitz, Esq. - Copyright Lawyer

Copyright Attorney

Richard Liebowitz, Esq. is one of the leading advocates for the rights of photographers around the globe. Why? Because he came into the practice of copyright law specifically for this reason. 

Having been a professional photographer, Richard Liebowitz saw the rights of photographers being stripped away by the media.

His love of photography let him to an internship that would change his views. 

Copyright Lawyer for Photographers, Illustrators, Designers & Others

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Richard Liebowitz, Esq., Photographer, and Copyright Lawyer

Photographers depend on Richard Liebowitz, Esq. to make sure that the media and corporations do not continue to whittle away at the rights of photographers. Social media has made it more and more difficult for creative artists to retain control over their work.

Almost daily, a celebrity posts a picture without permission from the photographer or business uses an image in an advertisement without obtaining a proper license. The internet makes it terribly difficult to keep tabs on what happens after you take a photograph. 

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Richard Liebowitz, Esq. Believes in the
Power of US Copyright Law

Richard Liebowitz, Esq., being an artist himself, believes that US Copyright Law is the single vehicle photographers have to protect their rights to control their work and obtain compensation. He takes pride in using the copyright laws and legal system to do just that: enforce the rights of photographers. 

Copyright law allows photographers to file lawsuits when someone violates their copyright. The law also allows photographers to collect actual or statutory damages for violations. Richard Liebowitz, Esq., devotes his law practice to making sure that US Copyright Law is invoked to the fullest when photographers suffer damages because of copyright infringement. 

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Photographers Know that
Richard Liebowitz is On Their Side

Photographers trust Richard Liebowitz, Esq., because he understands the plight of artists and how the laws protect them. When you hire Richard Liebowitz, Esq., to handle your copyright case, you know what you are getting; a photographer, a dedicated copyright lawyer, and a powerful advocate for photographer’s rights. 

If you have questions about copyright and whether your rights have been violated with respect to photography, illustrations, designs, logos, film or other copyrighted work, contact our lawyers.

Richard Liebowitz and our firm is here for you, the creative individual.