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About Richard Liebowitz

Copyright Attorney Richard Liebowitz | Photographer Richard Liebowitz

Richard Liebowitz

Photographer, Attorney & Author

After traveling and taking pictures with his mentor, photojournalist Bruce Colter, Liebowitz published “Apprentice! Lessons Learned on the Frontlines of Life.”

In his book, Liebowitz chronicles the time spent with Colter and how it changed his views on the world. His experiences with Colter and as a member of the New York Press Photographers Association prompted him to apply to law school. Liebowitz graduated from Hofstra University School of Law and immediately began to use US Copyright Laws to protect photographers’ rights. 

Compassionate Photographer & Attorney

Our firm serves copyright holders bringing actions in the United States for Copyright Violations

Richard Liebowitz, Esq. Can Relate to Photographers

Because of his background as a photographer, Richard Liebowitz, Esq., also has a unique understanding of the financial insecurity that can come from being a professional artist. For this reason, Richard Liebowitz, Esq., demands no money upfront for copyright infringement cases.

He represents photographers in copyright infringement cases on a contingency fee basis. This means he does not get paid until the photographer does. And then, it is out of the proceeds of a settlement or award of damages. 

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