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Richard Liebowitz, Esq.

Copyright Lawyer, Fighting for the Rights of Photographers and Copyright Holders

We Fight for the Rights of Photographers, Artists,
Graphic Designers, Videographers and Other Creative Individuals

Richard Liebowitz, Esq. Trusted Copyright Lawyer

Richard Liebowitz, Esq. is a trusted copyright lawyer dedicated to protecting the legal rights of photographers, writers, videographers, and other creative professionals around the globe.  

His passion for photojournalism led him to enroll in the Maurice Deane School of Law at Hofstra University and devote his professional practice to making sure creative artists receive the full protection of the laws that exist for their benefit.

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Photographers Depend On
Richard Liebowitz, Esq. to Protect Their Rights

Richard Liebowitz Esq. firmly believes that copyright law is the best vehicle available for photographers to protect their rights.  In today’s age of digital media, it has become more and more difficult to control the use of pictures and creative images.  Pictures are used without licensing agreements.  Images are used beyond the scope of licensing agreements, should they exist.  Images are used without permission of the photographers who own their copyrights.  Photographers are not receiving compensation for their work.  US Copyright law exists to right these wrongs and give photographers a way to collect the damages to which they are entitled. 

Richard Liebowitz, Esq. Advocates for Photographers

Mr. Liebowitz works hard to protect the copyrights of all creative individuals, but focuses on issues facing photographers.  The rise of social media platforms and other digital formats have presented new challenges for all artists who depend on copyright laws to protect their interests and control their work.  Photographers, however, are at most risk of being on the wrong end of copyright infringement. 

Richard Liebowitz, Esq.'s Practice Areas Include:

Litigating and negotiating settlements for copyright violations

Litigating and negotiating settlements for breaches of licensing agreements

Drafting licensing agreements for photographers to avoid and protect them in the event of copyright infringement

Copyright Infringement Cases Include:

Richard Liebowitz Understands Photographers

With his unique understanding of the life of a struggling artist, Richard Liebowitz, Esq., unlike other copyright lawyers, represents photographers in copyright lawsuits on a contingency fee basis.  He does not receive payment until his clients do.  His payments come from the proceeds of any settlement, licensing agreement, or any other resolution of your case

Photographers Trust Copyright Lawyer
Richard Liebowitz, Esq.

If you are a photographer, there is one lawyer who strongly believes that you should have control over your work.  You will not find a copyright lawyer that has the passion and devotion of Richard Liebowitz, Esq. 

Copyright laws protect you and give you exclusive control over how and when your work is used.  Copyright laws exist so you can get paid for your work. 

Copyright laws should be utilized whenever your rights are violated, when someone uses your pictures without permission or violates the scope of your permission. 

Richard Liebowitz, Esq. is the copyright lawyer you want on your side, fighting for your rights, and making sure you get the compensation and damages the laws allow.

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